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22-May-2014 Phone Scam - PC Is Infected with Virus
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AUDITS - Hardware / Software / Networks

Software / Hardware Audit for Business and School PC's and Networks is offered by Murcom Computers.

Have your PC's hardware and software specifications and network configurations documented from IP Addresses, Documented diagrams of PC locations in the Office for future reference.

Data Backup and Recovery

Your data is the lifeblood of your business - let us help you protect this vital asset, design backup systems or recover lost data in the event of that disaster.

Murcom Computers has data recovery software and has established a specialist data recovery facility aimed at saving data from crashed hard drives.

These techniques have already been put to use within days of establishing it for a client who had a hard drive crash and no backup.

From a Windows 98(FAT32) to a Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7 (NTFS)partition, Murcom has the software tools to restore deleted files, accidental formated hard disk, to recovering a lost partition.

For data backup or recovery dont hesitate call or email Steven today.

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Experienced Virus Removal

Dont Trust Your Infected PC to Amatuers, Murcom has over 20 years experience in Virus Removal.

PC Security, virus protection and removal is our specialty and we maintain an up to date information of threats, & what security patches and repair tools are needed in the Northern Rivers and Gold Coast region,
Security, spam and spyware are now the biggest challenges corporate and private users need to address and we are at the forefront.

With over 20 Years experience in this field, Don`t trust it to amateurs, your data is too valuable.

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No network job too small or too big - cat-5 cat-6 cable, Wireless, Wide-area and mobile computing for todays on-the-move businesses with a minimum of disruption to your operations.

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Sales, Upgrades, Repairs and Maintenance

Sales of New Quality and Custom Built Systems.

Upgrades, Repairs and Maintenance from a stick of Ram to a new mainboard and Processor, software fixes and reinstalls, removal of viruses Murcom Computers does it all.

Web Hosting, Domain Name, SQL Databases

Murcom, in conjunction with Campbell Dunstan and Associates is pleased to offer a complete range of web and intranet solutions for your organisation:
  • unlimited email server and website hosting,
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)website design, intranet,
  • SQL database and domain name registration.
Ask us also about Point of Sale systems, custom Windows software and secure wireless networks.